Building faith, brick by brick

Emily Given write on the Building Faith blog:

“There is always that story, that child, who shows us the Face of God.  For me that child is Riley (5 years).  Riley struggled with making anything related to the story and had a one-track mind that only wanted to pray for dead dinosaurs.  After five weeks of disconnect, something remarkable happened.  Riley worked and worked – digging deep into his Lego™ bucket, clearly on a mission.  When it came time to display and discuss his work with me, he proudly presented a tiny creation that consisted of three Lego™ pieces.  It looked like a tiny clam shell with a single Lego™ figure nestled inside.  After five (long) weeks, Riley spoke the wisdom of the ages, “It is Jonah.  The fish wasn’t angry.  He was a helper.  This is Jonah and the whale.  He was waiting. Waiting for God.  Sometimes you need to wait for God, Ms. Emily.”

I was standing in the presence of a pint-sized prophet. The Word of the Living, Active God was revealed in just a few plastic pieces. The truth is – It can happen anywhere if we are willing to show up and be present to our children.

It begs the question – How could you tap into the importance and meaning of Scripture with the ones you serve?  How can you do it just a little differently than before? What if it was as simple as a bucket of Lego and a willing heart?”


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