Building faith, brick by brick

Emily Given write on the Building Faith blog:

“There is always that story, that child, who shows us the Face of God.  For me that child is Riley (5 years).  Riley struggled with making anything related to the story and had a one-track mind that only wanted to pray for dead dinosaurs.  After five weeks of disconnect, something remarkable happened.  Riley worked and worked – digging deep into his Lego™ bucket, clearly on a mission.  When it came time to display and discuss his work with me, he proudly presented a tiny creation that consisted of three Lego™ pieces.  It looked like a tiny clam shell with a single Lego™ figure nestled inside.  After five (long) weeks, Riley spoke the wisdom of the ages, “It is Jonah.  The fish wasn’t angry.  He was a helper.  This is Jonah and the whale.  He was waiting. Waiting for God.  Sometimes you need to wait for God, Ms. Emily.”

I was standing in the presence of a pint-sized prophet. The Word of the Living, Active God was revealed in just a few plastic pieces. The truth is – It can happen anywhere if we are willing to show up and be present to our children.

It begs the question – How could you tap into the importance and meaning of Scripture with the ones you serve?  How can you do it just a little differently than before? What if it was as simple as a bucket of Lego and a willing heart?”

Job Vacancy: Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator

St Joseph’s Catholic Parish, Basingstoke is currently looking to fill the role of part-time Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator to work in the parish and further develop their ministry with children.

Some of the key responsibilities will be: to develop a programme of new activities for children aged 4-6 (Key Stage 1); to ensure that all children aged 4-11 in the parish have the opportunity to participate in Church activities; to support volunteer helpers in their work with children in the parish. The successful candidate will possess: excellent communication skills; strong organisational skills; creative skills; the proven ability to inspire & enthuse children aged 4-11; and will be a practising & committed Christian.

Full details an be found by clicking the link below.

St Josephs Childrens Ministry Coordinator

The Key – 28 April at Andover

We’re really sorry, but we have to cancel this event as the small number signed up would not make a viable group.

The next Key training events are:

The Key at:

  • Wesley Centre, Whites Road, Bitterne (SO19 7NP) on Saturday 29 September 2012

The Key 2 at:

  • Monday 25 June & Tuesday 10 July 2012 (8.00 – 10.00pm) at St Mary’s Church Rooms, London Road, King’s Worthy (SO23 7JL)
  • Saturday 8 September 2012 at St Paul’s, Throop (BH8 0NY)
  • Saturday 20 October 2012 at St Andrew’s, Dibden Purlieu (SO45 4PT) Note new date!
  • Wednesdays (7.30 – 10.00pm) 7 & 28 November 2012 at All Saints’, Milford (SO41 0QJ)

Gardening for growth

Mature Christians don’t just happen; somebody has to nurture them, tend to them, help keep them watered, and then even help figure out what to do with the fruits of the harvest. Spiritual formation is akin to cultivation of our gardens – planting seeds, waiting patiently for sprouts to appear, keeping young plants well watered and fertilized, then watching in awe as the harvest feeds others. Read more of Cynthia Coe’s gardening plans for growing Christians.

Family fun for summer

With half term and summer holidays heading our way, this book offers 30 activities around Biblical themes to help families enjoy spending time together (without needing to spend a fortune). Treasure hunts, picnics, puzzles and activities are all in here. An ideal gift for a family or to have on your bookshelf if you have children or families coming to visit.

Family Fun for Summer
Jane Butcher
pub. BRF £4.99

Resources from the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals

The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals has produced resources for talking to children about animal welfare from a Christian perspective. These are available to download free from the ASWA website

There is also an interactive facility on the website for young (or older) people to email questions about animals and God to Ollie the Octopus.