Reaching at-risk children

Mimi Bullock writes on the Ministry to Children website:

“Unless your ministry is located under a rock, you’ve had firsthand experience with at risk children. Although I do not like labeling kids, we teachers need to know what challenges lay before us. Children who fall under the “at risk” category tend to act out, even dangerously, to gain attention while other children remain resolutely hidden in the background. At risk simply means the child has a likelihood to follow a negative life path, often because of a family history of abuse, addictions and the like.

In some situations, you may suspect a child is at risk by their behavior towards you or other children in your ministry. Aggression and chronic cursing are two big indicators, at least in my experience. Reaching at risk children is tough and requires a commitment from the teacher or pastor. However, we are bringers of the gospel–the good news is that Jesus saves and makes children whole!

So what are some good tips for reaching at risk children?”

Read the full article here


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